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At Mocadi, we have invested a lot in making your shopping experience with us as easy and as simple as possible.
When ordering the first time, you can create your account with us while checking out.
Or Simply click on 'Sign Up' to first create your account and then enjoy your shopping experience. 


Step 1: To order from us, first choose the quantity needed by clicking on the (+) or (-) command.

Afterward, simply choose “ADD TO CART”


Step 2:

After adding all the desired products to your cart, simply click on checkout on the top right hand corner.


Step 3:

You can fill in all the information required such as delivery address, payment method and you can check all the products in your cart.

Then choose “PLACE ORDER” to confirm.


Step 4:


  • Secure card payment.

Accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Enter your card details, choose PAY NOW and enjoy cashless payment through our secure and encrypted payment gateway provided by MIPS.


For MCB users;

You will need to insert your MCB user ID before getting an OTP by phone to confirm the payment. You can find your MCB user ID through your MCB Juice application. Open Juice, Select Cards, and then you will find your User ID on the “Online transactions part.”



  • Juice by MCB


For Juice by MCB payment, you can either scan the QR code or search merchants and select for your payment.


  • MCB Bank Transfer

This one applies only for MCB users where you can pay through MCB internet Banking. 


For any other issue or inquiry, contact us by mail on or by phone on 218 3030 or 5 509 8890, we are glad to help.